8 abr. 2017

Toy Conference From Rags to Apps 3

Three years ago I wrote in my post Design trends, kids and events about the exhibition From Rags to Apps 2 at Shenkar College of Art, Design and Engineering. What I coul not imagine then is that I was going to be invited for the Third edition that it is going to be held next 18th may.
The Industrial Design Department at Shenkar will host the 3rd international design symposium, focused on Toy Design, titled From Rags to Apps 3, organized by Yoav Ziv, head of the Industrial Design Department and sponsorized by Hape, one of the leader´s wooden toy companies in the world
There is a great coincidence in the general idea of the symposium, and we share the highlines described in the program:
"Toys are objects that reflect reality, culture and tradition: They also serve as a means to convey the values we choose believe in to our children; They allow us to tell stories, share experiences and convey emotions; They allow us to navigate and influence childhood experiences; Creating or selecting a particular toy constitutes an opportunity to instill aesthetic, conceptual and functional values by means of playing with objects without words".
The previous Toy-Design conferences, that took place in 2011 and 2014, focused on the stories of Toy Creators, Toy Designers and toy-oriented companies. The 3rd 'From Rags to Apps' Conference aims to highlight the conceptual roots, visions as well as the design and development processes, that lead to the creation of new toys.
All the invited speakers should contribute and tell about their experience and opinion about some of the questions that will be addressed and debated during the symposium:
A look back through history: How cultural and ideological diversity found expression in toy design?
  • What is the alchemic process that leads to the creation of new toy concepts?
  • How are the required skills of the 21st Century addressed in the design of contemporary educational toys?
  • In the eco-systems of global trade, dominated by branding and commercial entertainment, is there a place for meaningful design ideas?
  • How should Toy Design evolve in a world increasingly inundated by technology and information?
In my case, as a professor and as a researcher I will talk about Toy Design Research: a vital experience.

From making my own toys as a child until the Research and Development of more than 120
products there is a long life learning process. The interaction between structural design and its
implementation to playgrounds and construction toys was the beginning of a learning life
skills. Collecting toys and detecting trends has been the connection of the past with the future
of toys. The present time is a permanent challenge to combine user´s needs with market
opportunities. A proactive attitute of the understanding idea of innovation has brought a wide
view of Toy Design from basic research to applied research for new products.
It is going to be a great occasion to show how started and were developped some of the products that were presented in the last Nuremberg Toy Fair and some other are still in the market since several years ago.

The case of the Toddler for Hape as a result of the research in analyzing toy trends

The case of Dynacube of Recent Toys as one of the results of the research line on geometrical puzzles converted into brainteasers.

Gigo Crazy monsters product line is an example of a multiple use of construction elements, a permanent requirement in systems design.

HipHop from Cayro Toys is an example of the research line on mathematical principles converted into an strategy board game.

Once again, it is going to be a great opportunity to share experiences and to continue to learn from the rest of experts comming to this event.