1 oct. 2014

Premios de innovación en Kind+Jugend 2014. Innovation awards at Kind+Jugend 2014

The winners of the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards 2014.
Premios de innovación en Kind+Jugend 2014
Presentamos los productos premiados en la edicióin de este año que corresponden a un criterio común de funcionalidad. Todos ellos aportan soluciones prácticas que permiten plegar el producto, dar una segunda utilidad, solucionar problemas cotodianos con un uso inteligente y amigable de la tecnología. Buenos ejemplos del diseño para solucionar problemas, no para crearlos.

We introduce the awarded products in this 2014 edition that follow a common criteria of optimized functionality: folding products, second use, solutions for everyday life problems, and an intelligent and friendly use of technology. Good samples of design to solve problems not to create them.

Kind+Jugend Press office
First place in the category 'World of Moving Baby' went to the extraordinary Six Seater pram of the Belgian company Childhome - Aerts NV. The pram offers room for six children at once and is excellent for day care centres, child minders and families with special demands. The jury positively noted that in spite of its size, the pram is user-friendly, manoeuvrable and can be folded together.

Doona, a combination between a baby carrier for the car and a pram, presented by Simple Parenting, a manufacturer from Hong Kong, asserted itself in the category 'World of Travelling Baby'. The jury was impressed by the product's highest functionality, making it especially suitable for a quick trip to the shops. Furthermore, the innovative approach of combining two basic pieces of equipment into one product was decisive for being awarded first prize. 
The winner in the category 'World of Moving Baby &Travelling Baby Accessories' was the multifunctional suit Ergo Pouch by the Australian manufacturer of the same name. Thanks to the intelligent implementation of zips, a sleeping bag can be turned into a romper suit at the flick of a wrist. The judges underlined that the universal application of the Ergo Pouch, which fits inside every baby carrier, every pram and every car seat, was a further reason for their decision. 
The 0 Emission Camera of the French company Babymoov convinced the jury in the category 'World of Baby Safety at Home'. The innovative approach of developing a baby monitoring device that works completely without electro-magnetic waves was the reason why the jury members voted for this product. 
The baby toy, Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy, by the Dutch company, Dorel Europe, was able to secure first prize in the category 'World of Baby Toys'. Crib Toy is multifunctional, serving as a toy during the day and as a sleeping aid in the evening. Sitting in its crib, the baby can discover different shapes and sounds in a playful way. Crib Toy features numerous lullabies for the evening. The long usage period of 0-12 months also convinced the jury.

The Shoeps elastic laces of the Dutch manufacturer Miyali triumphed in the category 'World of Baby Textiles, Clothing and Accessories'. The jury found the easy-to-handle shoe lace substitute made of plastic to be a convincing practical solution for children being able to put on their shoes themselves without the help of their parents. 
Safe and easy-to-use - that was the jury's reason for voting this product as the winner in the category 'World of Baby Care'. The baby bath Aquanest by the French manufacturer Babymoov features a patented heating system, which keeps the temperature of the water in the bath constant for over ten minutes. The risk of the baby getting too cold while being bathed is thus considerably reduced. 
The baby mat Pili Mat by the French company BabyToLove took first place in the category 'World of Baby Furniture'. The play mat convinced the jury in several aspects: In addition to the warm-insulating properties of the material and its attractive design, above all the safety aspect was decisive. The edges of the mat can be folded up to create a protective area for the baby.
Next week I will present the report on Design trends for children.
La próxima semana presentaré el informe de tendencias de diseño para niños.

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